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by Sarah Davis


Beware of the men with shifty eyes
They are perverts
Beware of eyes
They will release your demons
Your mother will not believe you
And all of your relationships will suffer
Do not feel guilty for wearing short skirts
I wear short skirts
And there is nothing wrong with that
Everyone does it, even some men
If you do not do it, try it
It feels good to feel
The breeze between your knees

Women of the world: RISE UP!

If someone tells you not to travel alone
Go there. Buy an enormous backpack
With pockets to hold enough faux engagement rings
To barricade yourself from the banter at bars
Do not be afraid

Women of the world: RISE UP!

If you want another cookie, eat one
Or you will be unhappy
Plus Crème Brulee flavored yogurt is just not the same
You do not need to look like a model in a magazine
Do not be afraid
Some of the best women I know
Have more cushion for the pushin

Women of the world: RISE UP!

Take it easy
And for God’s sake stop gossiping
Dont believe the dancing woman in white that appears
In tampon commercials
She is a liar

Women of the world: RISE UP!

Do not be afraid of love
Because it will hurt you
But you will be stronger for it
Some of the best women I know
Have fragmented hearts

Women of the world: RISE UP!

This is a great life
Get dirty
Buy those shoes
Defend yourself
Empowerment is the only hope
Do not tear down other women
They are your best friends

Women of the world: RISE UP

The world is yours
Here, take it.

– – – – –



Sarah Davis is working on her Masters in Fine Arts at California State University Long Beach. She works two jobs to support her growing coin collection as well as feeding a few stray cats in the neighborhood. She enjoys the work of Cecilia Woloch, Anne Sexton, and Tony Hoagland.

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The Same South

by Forrest Evans

The Same South

It always snows in Georgia
if you think of the cotton as snow.
You can smell the past in the leaves
and drift with the sway of the trees.
And if you don’t look down,
the mountains will feel like heaven.

Airy and sweet, meek and subtle—
There’s a hell and bliss in the south
and all the strange fruits ripe there;
but the jam isn’t as sweet as ignorance.
They ripe, are whipped and folded
into the meringue and creams.

To be eaten with the collards and
whatever’s left of the hogs and fathers.
And call you, “Docile and articulate.”
What’s the point of picking fruits if it’s meant
to fall on the ground near its roots?

You can’t smell the cookin’ from the
top if the fruit is covered with cream.
When will they learn? All that is
beautiful is not sweet and white,
it began brown as the soil you walk on.

– – – – –

forrestForrest Evans is a short story writer, published poet, and librarian. She recently received her B.A. in English from Fort Valley State University and is a graduate student of The University of Alabama. Previous works of Evans can be seen in The Lavender Review. A military brat and raised in the Bible belt, Evans has returned to the south to continue writing. Evans lives between Georgia and Alabama where she writes and fights under education and gender inequality.

lipstickparty mag has also published Forrest’s poem, “Cobalt.”

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Pink Mist

by JJ McCullough

Pink Mist

Like a veteran of war,
shell-shocked by exploding artillery,
I still duck and cover
at the sound of your name.

Like an ill-fated amputee
suffering from a phantom limb,
my hollow ribcage still throbs
with an incurable absence.

Your sudden about-face
was a devastating landmine,
disintegrating my absolute faith;
leaving a ravine of ashes in its wake.

These days I never know
when the next grenade will detonate,
or when the last bomb will burst,
finally dissolving my remains into
pink mist.

– – – – –

JJ McCullough is a native of East Tennessee though she did a 2 year stint in gorgeous Philadelphia for her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Rosemont College. She currently resides in Asheville, NC – also known as the coolest town in the US. She began writing poetry at age 14 and has been pursuing a career in the field ever since, wishing one day to teach poetry to students/writers of ALL ages. She draws inspiration for her poetry from Kim Addonizio, Megan Falley, and Mary Karr. She is an avid fan of The Walking Dead, adores 80’s hair bands, and proudly proclaims her longstanding love for Nascar. 

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Quick Picks: Summer Movie Recommendations

by Janea Wilson

Quick Picks: Summer Movie Recommendations

It’s been a while since our last film review, but I present to you my recommendations for movies to watch (while you still can!) this summer. There were so many blockbusters and bombs, but among all the madness I did find three that I would watch again and again.




Malcolm is not your average teenager…well, he is and he isn’t. He and his two best friends Jib (Tony Revolori) & Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) spend most of their time obsessing over old school hip hop, dressing in 90s fashion, and making music with their band Awreeoh (pronounced Oreo). Malcolm also has his heart set on getting into Harvard. The film is set in modern-day Inglewood, in a part of the city dubbed “The Bottoms,” where one minute you could be in line for a burger and the next wind up with a bullet in you. Dope covers the most basic conventions of your teen film: the nerds trying to fit in, dealing with bullies, and surviving senior year in high school. But it’s how-and-why the nerds navigate this world that writer-director Rick Famuyiwa refreshes this trope, and how Dope reaches beyond the typical coming-of-age story. The entire cast, including Zoë Kravitz, Blake Anderson, and A$AP Rocky, shines on screen and everything feels real despite the ostensible outlandishness of their circumstances.  If you can still find this gem in a theater near you, I strongly advise buying a ticket now. (Released June 2015)



Mad Max: Fury Road

I mean, of course. The highly-rated, feminist warrior film is one of my favorites from this summer. I don’t know if I’ve seen a better high-octane, fast-action movie that also deals with the destruction of the environment, “girl power”, the prominence and visibility of disabled and impaired characters, and rebuilding seemingly lost civilizations. Having watched Fury Road immediately after Jurassic World, I couldn’t help but compare how the two films treat women in their respective worlds. (read: Jurassic World, not so great!) Fury Road is quintessential Americana, a story of journey and survival, and questions whether we can ever really go “home” again.  (Released May 2015)




Sometimes we use the word too broadly, but Amy Winehouse truly was a musical genius. The opening clip of the documentary film shows a young Amy serenading a pal with the “Happy Birthday” song, rendering her other friends speechless by the richness and raw soul in her voice. Her innate talents were apparent from the beginning. The amount of home footage from friends and family should be proof enough that they knew Amy was destined to be something big. This film, directed by Asif Kapadia, shows Winehouse’s rise to fame and her fall to addiction, despite many interventions and having the most tenuous of support networks. It is a tender tribute to the fallen star, with interviews and appearances by Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Tony Bennett, Nick Shymanksy, and many other friends and family, including Amy’s mother and father. It’s bittersweet to see such a tragic ending for someone who could have had a different life, but her music is a lasting contribution and will never be forgotten. (Released July 2015)

– – – – –

Upcoming films I’m looking forward to: Straight Outta Compton & The End of the Tour! Reviews coming soon.

Did you see these movies? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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