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Burro Doctor Horse

by Daniel De Cullá

Burro Doctor Horse

We laugh at first, too
Then curse
All night hearing thrss thrss rounds
Ears to Earth
Under frosty rotating nebulae
As in War
Expecting to listen “mi arma” my mind
And “mi vida” my life
What ¿
Gamblering prospector
Burro doctor horse
Trader prostituyes
Turned to dust Gioia
With oponed skirt
Gathering wood in the sand of Arabs
Privileged to see
The union of Sky and Earth
As the Great Gatsby
Sitting in its living room
And playing through the night
With “The Start of Things”
By Ali Smith
Breaking up like having to lock
Someone out in the asking
And not in the answering
Of her “The Whole Story”
Because we live at the Edge
Of the rays of Moon
Bronzed with small exclamation
Of the tongue:
“Pretty good
Go on with all
It s too immense.

– – – – –

decullaDaniel de Culla (1955), Writer and Poet, and Photographer. Member of the Spanish Writers Association. Director of the Gallo Tricolor Review and Robespierre Review. He’s moving between North Hollywood, Madrid and Burgos, Spain.

Fox Party

by Christine Stoddard

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Christine Stoddard is a writer and multimedia artist from Virginia. Broadly, the inspirations for almost all of her works are history, folklore, and memory. The impetus is often social justice and the pulse, feminist magic. A Puffin Foundation emerging artist, Christine edits Quail Bell Magazine, her favorite brain child.

Shared Ras Malai

by Nalini Priyadarshni

Shared Ras Malai

Ripe strawberry dipped in dark chocolate
resting lightly on a crimson pout
is not the only sign of imminent fireworks

Some time it’s a shared piece of ras malai
melting between two cavorting tongues
oblivious of the spattered ras all over
the kitchen floor and marble counter.

Ecstasy has many flavors.

– – – – –

nalini priyadarshni

Of all the voices in Nalini’s head, at least one is a diehard romantic and makes her write copious amount to love poems. Her work has appeared at Mad Swirl, The Open Road Review, The Crescent, The Gambler, Writers& Lovers Café, Camel Saloon, Earl of Plaid, The Riveter Review and numerous other literary journals and anthologies. When she is not talking to people in her head, cooking or raising her two feisty kids, she loves to go biking and work out.

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Burro Doctor Horse
Burro Doctor Horse

by Daniel De Cullá Burro Doctor Horse We laugh at first, too Then curse All night hearing thrss thr

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