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Weather Vane

by David Pace

Weather Vane

A long life

My body shows it. I perch out of my chair to stare off into the moving flocks.

I should have closed the gate, but I left it open.

My trembling hands are defeated. My will and mind still strong as ever.

There’s the cattle and cows, hustling across the fields

The jeering horses buck and the barn doors wave and clap.

I stare up at my house, the house I built. Old friend you have stood strong with me

For so long. Ain’t no-body left around today? Everybody is gone.

I settle my rocking chair down from its tantrum and enjoy the breeze.

– – – – –

DavidPace pictureDavid Pace is a recent Salem State University graduate who writes both poetry and fiction. From all of his travels from childhood and during the military, he has a wealth of world experience to share within his works.

The Truth behind Solar Eclipses

By Jake Lesinsky

The Truth behind Solar Eclipses

The sun forgot how to dance
at Earth’s galactic ball,
Mercury and Venus giggled like girls
sulfuric tears fell in squalls.


Mars watched quiet blushing
a pink moscato soft
under disco supernova light
Jupiter saw the wallflower’s plight
off in space’s infinite vacuum song.


Saturn was on space dust
hula-hooping by the stars
downpours of metal sweat drizzled
but amid icy amethyst rings
the cosmic sweetheart swiveled.


Mellow Uranus and smooth Neptune
were too cool to go to the ball
and hung back with little Pluto,
‘cuz they’re no fool to his label.

The celestial giant burnt cayenne
sun blushed in plasmatic rotation
Earth’s gray day shaded in shadow
by retrograded     gawky gesticulations.

– – – – –

IMG_0402Jake Lesinski is currently a Fiction MFA student at Fresno State. He received his Bachelor’s in English at SUNY Fredonia, studying poetry under the lovely and talented Aimee Nezhukumatathil.

lipstickparty mag has also published Jake’s poem “Nightmare Conversation: December along Zimmerman Rd.

Top Spring 2015 Looks for Bangs

by Lucy-Jade Norris

Bangs have always been in fashion, but believe it or not, there is a science behind the “bang thing”.  Firstly, you have to choose your shape very carefully.  With me, I wanted to be different: I am still a 13-year-old nerd (although I like to think I understand fashion a little bit better now) and choose to follow what feels good to me and not just what everyone else is into. That’s why I went for thick, bold bangs.  I am a perfectionist and the bangs need to form a perfect line to frame my face. Uneven strands drive me crazy.  But the blunt cut is not for everyone.  In fact, bangs are not for everyone.  But if you are considering them, here are the top 4 Spring looks for bangs.

Keep in mind, these picks are based on lifestyle rather than the shape of the face, which is the complete opposite of most stylists’ bangs advice.  I mean, honestly, if we think about it, we can alter the face shape to fit the bangs now that we know how to contour

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The Bohemian-Glam bangs (Taylor Swift): This cut is perfect if your lifestyle dictates a low maintenance look (i.e.  you want to look chic but a typical morning consists of replying to 100 emails, three cups of coffee and ordering an Uber whilst applying a coat of lip gloss). You have things to do and that doesn’t involve an hour getting ready in the bathroom. These bangs are perfect for the girl-on-the-go who likes to let her hair air dry, and float free with a natural texture to it. Team this look up with a highlighter to make your cheekbones shimmer and you are good to go as little Miss Free-Spirit who has business to do.

The Sex Kitten bangs (Monica Cruz): Your morning routine consists of an alarm ringing two hours before you need to be out of the door. You believe that blow-drying the hair, curlers and hairspray are non-negotiable on any girls list. Feeling sexy is important to you. Flirting is merely a way of communicating, and creating the perfect cat eye comes naturally to you. [Now, if this description is nothing like you and more your idea of Jessica Rabbit, try it. You might like it. Particularly if you are making a transition in your life and hesitant about committing to anyone or anything.  I promise you, this look is going to bring your sexy back!]

The Cutsie bangs (Zooey Deschanel): This is for  the ladies who spend their mornings adding to their boards on Pinterest, drinking tea, and finishing the handmade bracelet they are about to sell on Etsy… All before they step out of the front door in the morning. This look is great for the shy girl who wants to come out of her shell and get noticed; the girl who has a fantastic sense of humor but is often overlooked because of the louder mouths in the office. These bangs will get you noticed as a stylish, on-trend lady who knows what she is doing, all without having to say a word.

The No-Mess bangs (Kerry Washington): Okay, so this is my area of expertise. If you opt for these bangs, be prepared to get noticed. You are making a statement so make sure you have something to say. I must admit, I had more reaction to my bangs than I did to my transition from blonde to a brunette.  These bangs are hardcore.  That applies to the bangs, the look, the maintenance, and the personality you are expected to have with them. Note: To get the perfect look, accurate timing is essential. If you leave your hair in a towel too long then they will dry out of place and to the side. However, you can’t dry them straight away as the mascara needs to be applied first. If you start ‘banging’ away before makeup is applied, the lashes will get messy. Believe me – I am an expert!

As much as your bangs are a reflection of your personality, your hopes and desires, the look won’t work  unless you have the outfit to match. Your shoes will have to coordinate with your bangs as much as with your purse. Whatever you are saying through your bangs, you need to reflect in your rocker edge, fashion forward or romantic style outfit. Otherwise you lose the integrity. Commitment is all. If your bangs don’t feel the love, they just won’t work.

Ok, so I take my bangs a little too seriously. Why? Because my line of work means that my daily routine changes constantly. My travel is non-stop, my relationships are all over the world (seriously) and  there is very little I feel I can control. However, my bangs are one thing that I have strength over and they make me feel stronger, centered and, dare I say it? They make me feel like a #LadyBoss.

But if you are just going for No-Mess bangs because you like that look, then that’s a good enough reason! Oh and did I fail to mention, it will save you money as it’s one less area to invest in. Skip the Botox! The heavy fringe covers all and every frown line! 😉

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