Editor’s Note: “The Night the Starman Fell” is a tribute series compiled and edited by Music Editor, Elise Hillinger. The following is a tribute submitted by Amanda Egger. 

While the misfits of the world mourn the loss of their hero, David Bowie, I’m still trying not to implode over losing my father 6 days before Christmas. My father was invincible. My knight. A closet rock n’roller with one hell of a smirk. The one who always made me feel like it was ok that I was a weirdo, because I was his weirdo.

Then, after an unexpected week of sleepless nights and medical horrors, he was just gone. My Superman had fallen, and I have felt lost ever since.

I somehow grew up in a vacuum devoid of Bowie. Upon hearing the news of his passing, I immediately empathized with his family, and was moved by the outpouring of love from fans around the world. I found myself thinking, “This is an artist who truly understood the suffering my family endured,” and when I heard about his last album, I knew.

I needed to hear his story, told through his music. I sat alone for hours, listening to decades of his work. Just me, a bottle of red, Bowie’s voice, and memories of my father.

It was a beautiful, painful discovery of myself as much as it was of his music. In life, Bowie was everyone else’s hero. In death, he is helping me cope with the loss of mine. #‎fuckcancer‬‬‬

Elise Hillinger

Elise Hillinger

Elise is a Los Angeles based photographer and music enthusiast. She is currently finishing up a quite belated B.S. in Political Science with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Oregon State. Also known as: Mommy, better half, biker, feminist, politicker, tattoo-haver, book collector, permaculturist, Mensa member, ad infinitum. Her favorite animals are pelicans because they are dinosaurs. Follow her on Instagram @ela_fauxtow.
Elise Hillinger
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