cassidyCassidy Bliss Vintage is the boho brain child of Cassidy Cooper, who has been polishing her craft and brand since the age of 18. She is less of a jack of all trades, and more of a Jacqueline of kicking ass—everything she picks up becomes a new conquest. She’s taken some no-so-pretty lemons and turned them into winsome, distinctive jewelry for those who love passion, girl power, and shiny things.

Cassidy’s brand initially stemmed from her love for fashion and vintage clothing. When she began delving into commissioned artwork and experimenting with costume design, she realized she needed to fine-tune her focus in order to strengthen CBV’s foundation. After creating a few rough necklaces for her mother’s annual event, a showcase of local artists affectionately dubbed Artsy Flea, Cassidy found a demand for a new kind of art. Cassidy began to take trips to the L.A. fashion district to upgrade her supplies and revamped her website to reflect her new concentration:

“I always loved being an entrepreneur. I wanted to paint or make clothes or do something, and have other people want it. So I started an Etsy. I sold vintage clothes and my paintings. It didn’t really work, so I went back to jewelry. It was a total hit, I don’t know how! Looking back now, I would make the pieces totally differently… I made tassels out of embroidery thread and hot glue. But people would also ask me to make custom pieces for them. They always wanted to incorporate the most interesting little charms. Eventually, my supplies upgraded. I started going to the L.A. Fashion District instead of Joanne’s.”

Cassidy’s persistence goes beyond putting her life into her work. What some people may perceive as signs to stop Cassidy has turned into forward momentum. For some time she had been experiencing a constant state of pain which eventually led to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

“Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder,” Cassidy explains, “Your kidney is supposed to filter out sodium phosphates. The excess is typically absorbed into your bones. My bones don’t feel like absorbing it, so it goes into my blood stream. My blood stream’s like ‘nah,’ so the sodium phosphates get pushed into my muscles. There are points in my body that hold the phosphates, causing a lot of fatigue, and pain. There’s nothing you can really do, but I’m getting on this gnarly medication. It works, but I can’t eat anything because the diet sometimes feels impossible.

“I ate my last banana today,” she laments, “No sushi, either.”

It’s okay though, she can still eat avocados.

Cassidy certainly won’t let no stinkin’ phosphates get the best of her. Her jewelry serves as an outlet that enables her to create art on her own time, all from the comfort of her own home. With the expansion of Cassidy Bliss Vintage came a wearable liberation.

Cassidy’s ambitions have been forged by a unique ability to trust herself despite gnawing what-if’s or the limitations of an expanding small business.

26225489660_152acc1b50_z“I almost changed the name of Cassidy Bliss Vintage, but I figured ‘vintage’ is still all encompassing of my image. So I decided to keep the name, because one day I will have a boutique that’ll put all my passions in one place with that same aesthetic. Whether the pieces are new, or vintage, or recreated. I have a thing for keeping originals.

Like today: I was sad, so I bought plants. I bought this huge house plant. It was the first one I picked it out.  And then I saw another one that might have had more leaves or looked a little healthier. But I kept thinking to myself, ‘I can’t betray that first plant!’ I just had to keep the original, and I don’t regret it. You gotta trust your instincts. Sometimes it’s something as silly as a plant, and sometimes it’s keeping a name that doesn’t necessarily fit your company at the time. But might one day.

“The first time I really had a collection I was super proud of was almost a year ago, which was also the first time I visited Nashville, which is where I was born. I had one-of-a-kind pieces. They were half chain, half beaded necklaces. I figured out how to wire beads differently. Most people do the wrap around technique, but I’ve never known how to do that. So I just made a loop, like you see on those vintage rosaries. It looked a lot cleaner in my eyes, and became a part of my design aesthetic.

“I brought my necklaces to a shop in Nashville called Native + Nomad, and it went well. They bought ten necklaces off of me to sell in their store. It was my first time realizing jewelry making was something I can do long term. I had experimented enough with different materials and techniques to know I really loved it. Jewelry-making was something I could do when I was hurting so I could still feel productive. And I love feeling productive more than anything else.”

Cassidy’s jewelry collections are narrative in nature. Her series “Golden Love” not only ignited inspiration for dreamy Valentine’s Day gifts, but also suggested an alluring anecdote of the first sparks to fly in a rose-tinted romance.

“The initial concept changed throughout the photo shoot. This shoot was much more difficult than my first because the first one was like stick a girl in the sand and just keep everything else clean and white. The Golden Love shoot was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I wanted the Golden Love collection to be almost like a 1950’s first date. Part of my love for vintage stems from the 1950’s. I feel empowered wearing vintage high neck dresses. It’s that sexy but strong kind of feeling. That’s kind of what Golden Love is all about. I wanted the classic images, like getting out of the old car, and being kissed under the porch lamp by the door…and a motorcycle obviously. Who doesn’t love a good Harley?

“The most important part of the collections I make is always the stories I create for them. All of my pieces have stories. The stories are meant to kind of portray the feeling behind them, why I designed the pieces, the kind of person that would wear them. If someone connects with the story, they should probably wear that necklace.”


“I wasn’t even going to design any more jewelry for this year, but the jewelry kept popping out of my hands. That’s kind of how you know you love something—you can’t keep your hands off of it. That goes for people, shiny stuff, food, anything.”

Her new spring collection is rightfully named “Renascentia,” Latin term for “rebirth.” Cassidy’s everyday aesthetic has her pairing classic Harley shirts with vintage floral skirts and remixing with jewelry that can be dressed up or dressed down. A woman at any age can wear a piece of CBV jewelry and feel empowered and beautiful.

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Megan Ranger

Megan Ranger

Megan Ranger is a Ventura County native who is sustained by punk rock, beer, angst, pizza, and Disneyland. She earned her B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing. Sometimes good guys don’t wear white.
Megan Ranger
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