It’s fascinating to me that “snowflake” is the popular insult thrown around by conservative, alt-right, neo-nazi pundits, talking heads, parrots, allegiants, etc. to denigrate and put down people with “liberal” or “progressive” or “radical” leanings. For one thing, the epithet is easily subverted: snowflakes are delightful, powerful, and beautiful, and when you get a gang of them together they can shut down whole cities. By that same token, I just revisited one of our most clicked on and searched for articles, “Time to Unfriend: When You Should Delete Family (and Friends!) from Facebook.” In the second paragraph, the writer asserts, “I know I’m not a ~*~unique snowflake~*~, but I do think this line of thinking has helped me out.” That line of thinking to which she refers is that of not following wherever the prevailing popular/trendy/bandwagon wind blows. #majorkey

To describe the current sociopolitical zeitgeist simply as one of post-truth is somewhat disingenuous. For one thing, it presupposes that we can or should accept so-called alternative facts as reality; that we can shape our opinions and base our judgments on flimsy untruths, or falsehoods, or misrepresentations—but we can’t call them lies now, can we? As I write this I am actively shaking my head at the idea of accepting this as a new reality. (Speaking of, I highly recommend watching this Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment on the current administration’s grasp on Reality). And for another, “post-truth” undermines the values we hold dear regarding truth and reality, leaves no room for nuance, and eradicates the need for fact-checking and objectivity.

There are measurable, provable, calculable, quantifiable reasons why you should tell your cousin or sibling, aunt/uncle, and/or classmate why their chanting “Lock her up!” or “But her emails!” was and still is tired, old, misogynistic, and pathetic. Exhibit one | Exhibit two | Exhibit three

Is this all fake news? Sad!

Actually, I wish it were fake. Even sadder. I truly wish that I never had to block or delete or unfriend people I used to admire or respect. But at the same time, I don’t have to tolerate racism, misogyny, transphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia; I don’t have to tolerate falsehood-peddling, insecure deflecting, tap dancing projecting while motioning the sleight-of-hand; and you don’t either.

I have so many un-responded-to texts and Facebook messages asking me why we aren’t friends anymore. Well, the answer should be absolutely crystal clear by now if it hadn’t been previously in the last 365 days.

And you know, frankly, at this point, this discussion is a little tired. Right now we’ve got major concerns. North Korean missile tests, actual legitimate declarations of war, and (at the time of posting) Kim Jong Un’s half brother murdered—death by poison! We’ve got people retiring…err…getting fired? resigning? left and right from the Cabinet, the Secret Service, the National Security advisory, and other branches and agencies that are meant to protect the integrity of the State. And apparently Hollywood elites are trying to sway yet another institutional competition—the time-honored tradition of The Bachelor. Have they no shame?! Not to mention the queen mother of all things good and holy Beyoncé getting snubbed at the Grammy Awards in both record and album of the year. Now I see why Kanye might not have been in attendance. Get your tin hats out, fans of InfoWars!

I kindly and politely request (ehh…demand) that you continue to correct and hold accountable people who persist in dismissing the truth and perpetuate the current predilection toward wholly and categorically untruths (because according to NPR we can’t call them lies or liars—intent is key…although now I am sure we can all agree to agree that the intention is obfuscation and misdirection). We need to control+alt+delete, reboot, and reinstall integrity and credibility as values we uphold and champion in this country. Otherwise all we are left with is a wrinkled basket full of wind and bad hair hawking disinformation to the lowest bidders.

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson is a poet and educator living in the City of Angels. Her passions include Flannery O’Connor, iced coffee, HBO, and intersectional feminism. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in The Oklahoma Review, Canyon Voices, Puerto del Sol “Black Voices,” Santa Ana River Review, Indicia Lit, among others. Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising.
Janea Wilson
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