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cherOkay so it seems as though 90s fashion is coming back in a huge way. Crop tops, swagging pants, cartoon t-shirts, roller skates, and scrunchies. James Franco is even jumping on the 90s fashion bandwagon with a new bleach blonde “curtain” style haircut. While everyone is welcoming the 90’s era with open arms, I have to admit I am shying away with a little apprehension.  Let me be brutally honest with you all: this is the first time the decade of fashion that I grew up in is part of the fashion cycle.

Before, everything had always been a new experience that had been revived.  And now this will be the second time I am wearing the trends.  So I guess it’s finally my turn to say “I used to own a pair of those back in the day,” and if I have to wear it again I am going to wear it with the style and confidence I never had in my younger years. So here goes!!

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to rock the 90’s into the Fall.

I have to admit September always feels like a fresh start. I get to unpack last season’s essentials and start adding to this Fall’s closet. But if you’re city girl like me, closet space is hard to come by so us New Yorkers have to be selective about our new purchases (to some extent anyway).

Let me be your Cher and let’s get our “Clueless” on as we pack away our summer dresses and grab our “90s fashion” must haves.

sexy denim

Denim knee length skirt: not the obvious choice from the 90’s but this a great investment piece. Perfect for Casual Fridays, and then when teamed up with heels and a tank you’re ready for cocktail hour. Thrift stores are a perfect choice when scouting for your denim number….just be aware of the fit: high waist and fitted at the hips so you still add shape to your look.

Lovebylynn shows us how to do the Fall crop top- perfection!

I thought my “crop top” days had come to an end back in my teenage years however this fall they are an essential. The secret is to never show the belly button. Always wear a high-waisted skirt or pants and then choose a crop top with longer sleeves for the cooler days in September, or be prepared to layer up with a blazer, shirt, or cardigan. Tweed and pinstripes are great patterns to add a more grown-up feel to the look.

“The slip dress” from the 90’s to now. Take it from sexy to cool.


The Slip Dress: they were the must have for every leading girl in a romantic comedy –remember the She’s All That moment when Rachael Leigh Cook got her makeover and walked down the stairs to Freddie Prince Jr? The red dress!….oh and then she fell. Well, that’s the dress I’m talking about. It looks like a nightie but it’s not! Carrie Bradshaw wore them best in a selection of SATC .

Now this may be harder to find in a thrift store as you have to find a dress that has a lining (so it is not see through) with thicker straps so it doesn’t actually look like lingerie. You can toughen up the look with a tweed blazer, booties and leather clutch. The perfect Fall outfit to sip rosé al fresco at dusk.

Ok…now I’m ready for the 90’s.

Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris

Lucy-Jade Norris is a TV Host/Producer and style blogger in NYC. She created a local TV show called “On Deck With Lucy” whereby they highlight the 3T’s of NYC- The Talent, The Trends and The Tastes. She is a huge “thrifter,” animal lover, red lip wearing queen, and future wife of Bradley Cooper.
Lucy Norris

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