by Anna Mirzayan

Technological Psychopomp

through metal borg mouthfuls,
O, the neck, an organic pivot
vertebrae unhooked in paperclips,
Heaped space,
shadows split and pass toward rediscovered monstrosity
with its pad green copper head on a cock tip.

/help://I am trapped in a body
like a giant library
overgrown with powerful rot,
heaped computerized dead mass
scaly sea tentacles
surrounding yellow slime molds on thoracic pages.

kissing is a petri dish with xanthic stamen,
feeding the femme fulcrum toward a
moan in the dark,
bedpost monster, metallic slick
my lusts are waves of mercury
fragmented into silver pearls.

gender handwriting, thin and psycho
to the carnal obverse image
whose joints turn backwards on the body?
The auto poetic urhag and her ken.
The bitch brings robot carrion, cybernetic wounds
in piles on the doorstep.

i is a self-positing machine,
a concept of brittle hair and metal teeth
gnashing the ichor of a dead human flower

– – – – –

Anna Mirzayan is a doctoral candidate in Theory and Criticism, where she focuses on feminism and Marxism. Her writing uses the idea of theory-poems—- using poetry to work through complex scholastic texts and to generate new language at the intersection of poetry and academia— to explore the queer femme experience. She is obsessed with sci-fi and cyborgs. You can find her on Twitter @brekekexkoax.

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