ghost love poem

by Denise Bickford

ghost love poem

I wake up next to you in your white sheets and blanket
after a dream of
sucking on your fingers
we were still ok then
we were still ok


where we are from there are no mermaids
only girl and not

constantly asking myself if I am a mermaid or a girl emoji

greedy me
all intangible now
and the only thing to show from it
is I am still not a real girl
that and
I pulled your lavender scales out of my mouth
& made them into a shrine in the desert
far away from the water

In alternate realities
yes I am real
yes I do love you

this can feel real any place

– – – – –

Denise Bickford grew up in mid-coast Maine. She received her MFA in creative writing from Boise State University in May 2016. Her poems have been included in Stolen Island and Glint Literary Journal. Her chapbook, “Repka” is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press in early 2016. Currently, she lives in Bend, Oregon with her partner and their dog.

lspmag has also published Denise’s poem “White Christmas, 2012”

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