photos submitted by Kristen Fisher


Driving through the Oregon desert that seemed to last forever. After being stuck in a an ice storm, then plowing through snow for three hours. Just to be met with a blocked off highway…so my friend and I had to wait because we were traveling to pick up her niece who was stuck out in the middle of nowhere…for a concert. Family thinks alike on these conditions, ha!


Peephole for all uses and purposes. Staying in a hotel for a gig, after running up and down the hallways like a 5 year-old. A hilarious story ensued with the drummer from The Horrors that he to, had been known to do the same thing.


The March trip…as this is rightfully called in my book. Arrived by train became lost in the Pioneer Square Hotel that looked like Downton Abbey. However, the next day our train didn’t leave till later that night so my friend and I trekked through Target City with a new suitcase, piling our clothes in as we exchanged a bag for wheels in a bathroom (looking super shady) and continued towards the Waterfront before our exhausted limbs fell off.
The Drowners a band from New York that I heard once through a friend and after that a concert was announced in the area I live near. Without a doubt one of the most energetic live shows I’ve been apart of. In short, this band progressed my love for live punk shows.


After a relatively quiet 2013, Kristen Fisher (also called Kitty, Kit-Kat, Kitty Cobain, K.) started traveling up and down the West Coast as a habit. After seeing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, it became a necessary option. She is a photographer, writer, musician and hopes to be one day own a venue similar to CBGB. She is 23 years old. (personal tumblr, photography tumblr, music blog)


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