Usually when I write this annual letter, my objective is to recap the work we’ve been able to do and highlight the new ideas we hope to initiate in the forthcoming year. Truthfully, I have been dreading writing this letter since November 8th. I left work that night to join my girlfriends in what was meant to be a night of celebration that turned to an evening of mourning. It’s hard to think of anything else. But we can’t be static. We have to keep moving, keep fighting. These photos of people standing up against racism, misogyny, xenophobia show the kind of power we have to be heard. You can also empower yourselves by getting involved not only at the national level but the local as well. Find your place in the resistance. Create art, then send us your protest pieces. Use your resources and stay informed. This year I didn’t want to do all of the talking so I’ve asked the editors to share with you their thoughts on the current political climate and administration.

– – – – –

Kelli Heidelberger

Fuck this shit.

Megan Ranger

Dear Drumpf and Co.,

This is how my vagina feels due to the impending tyranny your administration aims to impose upon its rights:


Taylor Mims

In Hillary Clinton’s curated demeanor I saw a woman (like every woman I know) who had to placate fragile egos just to be heard. I was distraught when she lost and truly believed that my country hated me for the aspects of myself that I had no control in determining. Then the popular vote came in and I marched with three million people across the world and realized that once again a woman had to make a huge personal sacrifice for the greater good.

The only wall this country is getting will be one of nasty women holding us from moving backwards. The only way there has ever been and will ever be is forward.

Elise Hillinger

I don’t get it. What happened?
How is this real?
I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

I don’t know if I have the right words to express how it feels that this incoming administration is one that my children will remember. In the last year, Americans have been given permission, in the form of electing a hateful, short-tempered, money-grubbing, non-thinking, Tweeting Cheeto who feeds on attention to perform their most hateful theatrics on the rest of us without regard for consequence. The most naïve, the most impressionable, the far-right echo chamber, the morally bankrupt, the racists, the sexists, the xeno-, homo-, and transphobes walk around validated because the loudest (read: richest), mouth-flappinest one of them preyed on their fear and their greed and walked on their necks to steal the highest office in the free world.

And every day it gets worse. Mike Pence. Steve Bannon. Jeff Sessions. Betsy DeVos. Reince Priebus. Rudy Giuliani. Rick Perry. Rex Tillerson. Ben Carson. The battle cry to drain the swamp has been answered with dumping the most toxic landfills into the swamp and then topping it off it with more swamp. My stomach turns at the thought that this is what the right was waiting for as they postured and flexed and obstructed progress at every possible turn over the last 8 years.

If this isn’t a dream, if we’re not going to wake up from this tomorrow, if we’re not all suffering from some bizarre collective delusion, let’s let the next 4 years mean something. At the very least, let this term (emphasis on singular) be a lesson we never have to re-learn. Let us never burn our hand on this stove again. At the most, at the best, let this be a call for revolution. Business as usual lost spectacularly, and may it rest in peace. Let’s show these sons of bitches who they’re really fucking with.

– – – – –

Stay with LSPMAG. We’re not going anywhere.

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson is a poet and educator living in the City of Angels. Her passions include Flannery O’Connor, iced coffee, HBO, and intersectional feminism. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in The Oklahoma Review, Canyon Voices, Puerto del Sol “Black Voices,” Santa Ana River Review, Indicia Lit, among others. Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising.
Janea Wilson
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