It’s been about thirty hours and now we all know that the racists have come out in full support of Donald Trump. This is the mandate called upon by white supremacy, period. This isn’t the White Power reminiscing of the KKK from your grandfather’s grampappy, although I won’t toss that notion aside completely. No, this is what happens when you allow a culture of white supremacy to fester by coddling white fragility and allaying white tears and otherwise pardoning general mayo demon monstrosities while fumbling over how to confront microaggressions and apologizing for being a champion for equality. I still can’t believe this is our fate, and frankly I refuse to accept it.

The New Yorker calls it An American Tragedy celebrating the triumph of xenophobia, fascism, misogyny, and racism. I can’t say I disagree. NY Mag explores How Trump Made Hate Intersectional,” how this racist windbag weaponized the ostensibly disenfranchised whites to invigorate a base charged by an undercurrent of this eight-years-suppressed paranoia of disintegrating systemic power (ahem..institutionalized racism). I can show you think piece after think piece to belabor the point and show you how we played ourselves, but I’ll just cut to the chase: this is some bullshit and we’re all responsible for it.

If you think I am exaggerating, allow me to introduce to you Rapists and Racists for Trump, a new Instagram account set out to highlight and publicize the very real stories of what a Trump presidency looks like to women, people of color, LGBT, disabled persons, immigrants and undocumented persons, Muslims, and various multitude systematically marginalized groups living in the U.S.

This is Trump’s America #trump

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Created by feminist activist Alexandra Tweten, mother of the cultural phenom Bye Felipe, this account seeks to call out sexual harassment and racism by Trump supporters. In less than eight hours, this account has garnered over 4,500 followers with nearly 20 individual experiences documented and echoed, and echoed, and echoed in the comments’ section of each experience. I repeat. In less than eight hours, you have twenty individuals reporting to this account these experiences. This does not include, obviously, those not recounted on various social media platforms and certainly not ones not sent in to Tweten.

So what do we do with this? What are we saying when we double-tap to like these photos, where the submitters reveal the horrors of being harassed, intimidated, assaulted by these domestic terrorists? Do we, in spite of Secretary Clinton’s campaign rallying cry, love Trump’s hate?

It’s only lukewarm now. They’re only testing the waters, dipping a toe in that swamp they claim to have wanted drained. Don’t let them get knee-deep in it, and goddess save us all if they learn how to tread successfully when it gets up to their lily white necks. Don’t let the rapists and racists for Trump triumph. This shit is on all of us and we gotta clean it up.

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson is a poet and educator living in the City of Angels. Her passions include Flannery O’Connor, iced coffee, HBO, and intersectional feminism. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in The Oklahoma Review, Canyon Voices, Puerto del Sol “Black Voices,” Santa Ana River Review, Indicia Lit, among others. Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising.
Janea Wilson
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