I sat on this piece too long. I’m sorry, but it hurt.

Nary a single human living on Earth (not ruling out nearby planets) in the last half-decade has been able to get away with not having a personal relationship with David Bowie. An artist so dynamic, so profound and far-reaching, so incredibly influential, he touched countless people in as many ways. From the awkward up-and-coming Davey Jones to The Man Who Fell To Earth to the Goblin King to Lazarus and beyond, David Bowie defies definition, description, time, and space.

All of the words I write feel flimsy and inadequate, so I’ve collected the words of a few other people who did it better. May they touch you in all the places they touch me.

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A Love Song for Laura
By Tara Malcom

My heart broke
the day the starman fell

back upward to the heavens;
not because
The David Bowie
was dead

(yes – it was half-way
because The David
Bowie was dead)

but rather
in the pain
in the loss
the first word
that escaped
my lips
was “Laura” –
and I felt wounds
rip open along
my rib-cage
for her.

You see, Laura
loved Bowie.

Sounds cliché
(because who didn’t)
but the ache I felt
at the bottom of
this well of grief
was not for my loss
but for hers.

Bowie gave me a
best friend so wild,
and wondrous
as her. Winding around
San Diego her car was
brimfilled with his
lyrics and fire
only knew greatness
in her eyes when
he came on.

For the longest time
after I heard

Sound & Vision
in the back seat of her car
it was my favorite song.
(an incredulous)
“You’ve never heard this before?”
I’m sure it wasn’t the first time,
but it was the first time hearing it
meant something to me.

The day Bowie died.
When I think back

on that day
I’ll remember a
in two places:

because when Bowie made Laura,
she turned around
and made me.

Model: Laura Brown; Makeup: Sunny Drissia; Photos: Jennifer Erickson

Elise Hillinger

Elise Hillinger

Elise is a Los Angeles based photographer and music enthusiast. She is currently finishing up a quite belated B.S. in Political Science with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Oregon State. Also known as: Mommy, better half, biker, feminist, politicker, tattoo-haver, book collector, permaculturist, Mensa member, ad infinitum. Her favorite animals are pelicans because they are dinosaurs. Follow her on Instagram @ela_fauxtow.
Elise Hillinger
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