Everybody get Danger (us)

Grapevine’s  new single “Danger (us)” offers a buoyant perspective of a tricky situation: finding yourself confusingly enamored with an unavailable stranger. The band is cognizant of its influences such as Shannon and the Clams, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Jefferson Airplane while remaining uniquely transcendent. Evocative front woman Karina Lopez (vocals) weaves a relatable narrative of dysfunctional infatuation punctured by raw, wavy riffs delivered with fine-tuned fervor.

“[Danger (us)] is probably the most honest song on our new album, Squeeze This. In our music, I get to call myself out and forgive myself at the same time. This particular song follows a night where I met someone I related to immensely, but I knew it was a self destructive relationship since this person wasn’t/isn’t emotionally available.”

Are we dangerous? High above the rest I must confess so—
Crying on my bed, I lay my head down…
Why don’t- why don’t you?

Grapevine is a home-grown garage rock band from Ventura County backed by an arsenal of talented friends who are always down to help them in their creative endeavors.

“Love, whether it be unrequited or reciprocated, is colorful and sensory. I also think it’s important to show who you are as a band while leaving some room for the imagination to fill in the gaps. With that being said, we let the video take shape on its own with the help of our close friends, Nick DeNova and Adrian Lopez.”

karina - grapevine

Grapevine’s new record, Squeeze This, is set to be released May 26th— accompanied by an album release show on the same date at the Tavern in Ventura. You can also see them at the Saloon in Ventura on May 13th.

Connect with Grapevine: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

Megan Ranger

Megan Ranger

Megan Ranger is a Ventura County native who is sustained by punk rock, beer, angst, pizza, and Disneyland. She earned her B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing. Sometimes good guys don’t wear white.
Megan Ranger
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