by Janea Wilson

When I first clicked on the video shared by a friend on FaceBook I groaned about the eight minutes, but once I started watching I didn’t want the video to end. Then I realized how pathetic it was to complain about “wasting” a few measly minutes to watch something I actually ended up enjoying.

Soul Pancake teamed up with Darling Magazine to discuss a series of issues that a lot of women encounter and struggle with on a daily basis. This video in particular is on perception and confidence, and how women deal with these two things publicly and privately. As a woman, I definitely empathize with and live in the shared experiences that are offered by the women in the video.  At the end, we are treated to a fantastic poem by spoken word artist Natalie Patterson who totally rocks.

I also dig this video in which they discuss beauty & body image. Related, I love the sort of teaparty/ladies-who-lunch setup they had going on. It’s going in my mental library of images to plan my next girl get-together.

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Janea is a los angeles based writer. lover of poetry & short fiction & selfies. hates job titles and capitalization and is really bad at writing thesis statements. you can follow her here on twitter & tumblr

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson

Janea Wilson is a poet and educator living in the City of Angels. Her passions include Flannery O’Connor, iced coffee, HBO, and intersectional feminism. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in The Oklahoma Review, Canyon Voices, Puerto del Sol “Black Voices,” Santa Ana River Review, Indicia Lit, among others. Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising.
Janea Wilson
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