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My name is Lucy.  Lucy-Jade Norris to be exact.  ‘Lucy’ because of the Beatles song; ‘Jade’ because I have a spec of green in one eye; and ‘Norris’ because Chuck is my Dad – only joking!

I am officially obsessed with fashion. A true thrifter, I love a good rummage in the second hand stores. I am a wine lover with a preference for champagne, but that’s only because the bubbles are calorie free. And I am also the future ‘Mrs. Bradley Cooper’… OK, so I may have made that last bit up again. But I am being totally honest when I say how happy I am to be part of the lipstickpartymag crew.

My intention is to share everything fashion and beauty related. And that includes my thoughts on the new season of Mad Men. Donald Draper: I have missed you!  

As a curvy woman, I find comfort in watching the women of Mad Men. They are unabashed by ample femininity, dressed to accentuate their figures, with oodles of confidence, oozing sex appeal. So inspiring!

I tend to style outfits around a character. For instance, during the Winter months, Cleopatra regularly featured: elaborate draping maxi skirts, tons of jewellery, gem bright colours and lavish fabrics. The women of Mad Men are definitely the theme for this Spring. Their style is flattering, sexy and classy, all at once. Very loud and proud – and also really easy to put together on a shoe string because so much can be brought at thrift stores.

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So, as I packed for CT this weekend, I was thinking ‘Mad Men women’. Excited to be hosting an event for Salon Centric, I waved goodbye to the city on Friday and headed out.   I felt a little bit ‘Donald Draper,’ but lucky for me,  ‘Joan’ was right by my side in my suitcase.

I am constantly buying clothes. I’ve tried persuading my Accountant that it’s all a business expense, being a TV host. He remains unconvinced, but seems impressed that the designer labels are usually secondhand. And as long as my retail passion is confined to the thrift stores, all is good.

I always buy an item because I like it, not because it will go with anything else I own. And I always buy with one thing in mind and that is how it will look on camera. They say that the camera lens adds at least eight pounds to your frame, so the rules are: 1) fitted; 2) simple; and 3) colourful. These rules can pretty much apply to any outfit whatever the occasion. The women of Mad Men are all about fitted, simple and colourful, and they keep it fresh using key pieces to accentuate and flatter.

The dress is "Lucy and Paris" $30, bangles are from a thrift store $5 and the shoes originally "Aldo" but purchased second hand at just $15
The dress is “Lucy and Paris” $30, bangles are from a thrift store $5 and the shoes originally “Aldo” but purchased second hand at just $15

And so every outfit in my suitcase came to less than $50 – not counting the underwear. Underwear has a whole different set of rules…

By the time Sunday evening came around, I had finished a full weekend in front of the camera talking fashion, beauty and hair, as well as attending a red carpet event. I was finally ready to sit down and enjoy a well-deserved Martini –  with Mr Draper….was it worth the wait? Always.

Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris

Lucy-Jade Norris is a TV Host/Producer and style blogger in NYC. She created a local TV show called “On Deck With Lucy” whereby they highlight the 3T’s of NYC- The Talent, The Trends and The Tastes. She is a huge “thrifter,” animal lover, red lip wearing queen, and future wife of Bradley Cooper.
Lucy Norris

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